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Caspian Farming

Through Intelligent Farm Design we promote.

  • Design of sustainable farming systems incorporating no till technology
  • Whole farm planning with advanced risk analysis.
  • Designing and implementing investment projects.
  • GIS and imagery analysis for crop and environmental monitoring.
  • Incorporation of social and environmental goals.
  • Crop and supply chain auditing.

Our Expertise

we aim to achieve positive economic results by countering three critical deficiencies; water, finance and management by innovative design and planning projects with a team of experienced consultants with relevant agricultural background .

Low Impact Agriculture - High Impact Results

Matching Investors With Sustainable Agriculture


Delivering social, environmental and economic goals.

Intelligent Farming Design

Caspian Farming are experts in the utilisation of modern low impact farming techniques and analysis methodologies.

Our Aims

Sustainable Investment Scenarios

  • No till cultivation technology highlighting principle of matching cropping inputs to available moisture (soil and rainfed).
  • Concentrating on reduced machinery and fuel costs, enhanced soil structure . Especially looking at cereals, sunflowers, oilseed, flax and soya.
  • Appropriate irrigation techniques to promote high value cropping. Tree crops, fruit, vegetables or cotton.
  • Dedicated Impact Investment projects delivering economic, social and environmental goals. Local processing and value adding.
  • Promotion of permaculture and regenerative agriculture.

Building A More Equitable Agrarian Society 

In all scenarios wider societal goals ( ie United Nation SDG’s), are not seen as incompatible with economic returns. Caspian Farming sees regenerative agriculture, (improved soil structure and fertility), as a crucial driver of regional development. To achieve success, we will use unique set of committed and experienced partners. This will allow for ongoing management control or monitoring after establishment of projects.

Book A Consultation With Our Experts

Our experienced team of consultants led by Sandy Fullarton: MBA, MSC in Agribusiness Management.

We have extensive farming experience in Europe, Australia as well as former CIS countries.